Cemetery Records

Pioneer Memorial in Old Union Cemetery, Marion Township
Pioneer Memorial
Old Union Cemetery
Marion Township
Thanks to the work of various members of the Putnam County Historical Society and specifically Charles and Patricia Ewing, the library has available the following cemetery information. The original indexes are in the "Green Books" which were compiled by the Historical Society, starting in 1948 with Forest Hill Cemetery and continuing until 1983. From 1997-1999, Charles and Patricia Ewing supplemented the collection by walking through individual cemeteries and recording new burials, and correcting and adding information. They also added maps, directions, photographs, and brief descriptions of individual cemeteries. In 1999, they concluded their work and donated it to the library. Therefore the last death dates listed are 1999. However, the department does have BannerGraphic obituaries available dating from 1977 through to the present.

Not all of the county's cemeteries are listed. There are some small and/or private cemeteries not included. However, at this time all 43,511 cemetery listings that we have in the library are available online. Use the search form below to search these listings.

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