The First 200

This compilation is an attempt to list the first 200 patentees in Putnam County Indiana as part of the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration.

A patentee is one who has paid for and been granted land by the proper governmental authority.

One of the references used in this research is PUTNAM COUNTY INDIANA LAND PATENTS available at the Putnam County Library. Page references refer to that publication.

Several township abbreviations were used:

Mill CreekMill Creek

Compiled by Jinsie Scott Bingham
October 2015
Prepared by Melissa Archer


John M. Colman is the first name in the Patentee Book for purchase of land in Putnam County. Colman's land lies in what is now Washington Township near the confluence of Deer Creek and Big Walnut River. John Colman's entry of December 18, 1818, is followed by another Colman, one Samuel Colman who also entered land in Washington Township April 7, 1819. Since the rivers were the highways, it follows that properties close to water were most desirable. Men named Cagney and Mark formed a partnership to buy the east half of the northeast quarter of section 10 of Washington Township near Colman's claim. Their purchased was dated April 14, 1818.

It wasn't until November of 1820 Jefferson Thomas entered land in Section 19 of Greencastle Township on Big Walnut directly west of where Greencastle is now. He bought the northeast quarter of Section 19. The west half of the southeast quarter of Section 19 went to John Miller November 18, 1820. Big Walnut flows through the southeast quadrant of that plat.

Richard Moore was the first to enter land in Madison Township in Section 34 where he bought the east half of the northeast quarter. That December 13, 1820 purchase bought the land directly south of where the Big Four Arch is now, also on Big Walnut.

Another early land entry in Putnam County was Felix Clodfelter, great grandparent of most of the local Clodfelters. Felix was the first man to enter land in Russell Township. On October 11, 1820, Clodfelter purchased the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 18. That was on a small branch near what is now County Road 800 West.

Jacob Grider purchased land in Section 13 of Russell Township January 11, 1821. That was on a branch of Big Raccoon Creek.

Abraham Lewis is credited with the purchase of land in Washington Township February 10, 1821 when he bought a large tract in Section 14. That's directly south of the current Boone Hutcheson Cemetery and north of the village of Manhattan.

David Grimes was the tenth pioneer to enter land in Putnam County when he purchased the northeast quarter half of Section 10 February 10, 1821. That would be on Big Walnut west of what is now County Road 100 East.

The land business picked up briskly after the first 10 pioneers settled. The land office in Vincennes was the recording center for the early land transactions which are also on record at the Putnam County Recorder's Office.


Patents Listed by Date

*12-12-18181John M. ColmanWash.9238
4-7-182Samuel ColmanWash.9238
4-14-183Cagney & MarkWash.10239
*10-18-18204Felix ClodfelterRuss.18207
11-3-205Jefferson ThomasGcastle.1993
11-18-206John MillerGcastle.1993
12-11-207Richard MooreMad.34154
*1-11-18218Jacob GriderRuss.1389
2-10-219Abraham LewisWash.14254
2-12-2110David GrimesGcastle.1089
3-2-2111Arthur McGaugheyMad.35155
4-17-2112Thomas HancockGcastle.888
4-2-2113Benjamin BellMad.26150
4-10-2114Samuel RogersGcastle.988
4-10-2115Alexander TrindallGcastle.2294
4-12-2116Isaac WolvertonMad.26150
4-13-2117Read (Reed) CrandallWash.2247
4-29-2118Isaac BellWash.19256
5-12-2119William McCrearyGcastle.1189
6-19-2120John SiglerGcastle.1591
6-26-2121Ephraim DukesGcastle.2193
7-15-2122Beresford RobinsonWarr.4218
7-22-2123Rowan IrwinClint.11
7-16-2124James WoodGcastle.1491
8-2-2125Ashbury VandiverClint.189
8-2-2126William SutherlinRuss.27211
8-2-2127Sampson SutherlinClint.63
8-8-2128Abraham CoffmanGcastle.185
8-8-2129Amos RobertsonGcastle.1089
8-8-2130Christian AselingerGcastle.1189
8-14-2131Isaac HammerWarr.4218
8-17-2132John BairdWarr.9220
8-21-2133Elizabeth HomanRuss.30212
8-27-2134Henry W. HackettFloyd2061
10-6-2135John TurneyFloyd3167
10-6-2136John DawsonGcastle.1089
10-8-2137Israel LinderClint.73
10-15-2138John CraddickGcastle.1491
10-20-2139Lewis KendallGcastle.1491
10-25-2140Amstead W. PruettRuss.23209
10-29-2141Spencer HaleyGcastle.2796
10-29-2142Benjamin JonesGcastle.2796
10-29-2143Nathaniel TalbottGcastle.2294
11-1-2144Eziekiel SlaughterMill Creek30179
11-6-2145John C. SherrillJeff.21131
11-6-2146William McCartyWarr.12222
11-6-2147Jesse HurstWarr.12222
11-12-218Samuel ChaddGcastle.1491
11-21-2149Samuel Elliott, Sr.Russ.27211
12-6-2150James Robinson/RobertsonClov.624
12-20-2151Isaac MatkinsMad.23148
*10-14-182252Barnabas FrakesMon.20192
1-14-2253Joseph FrakesMon.19192
1-22-2254Seth GodwinMon.29196
1-22-2255George DaleWarr.1217
1-22-2256John OatmanGcastle.2997
1-22-2257David SearsGcastle.3097
2-2-2258William PierceFrank.2981
3-4-2259David ClearwatersWarr.10221
2-4-2260Reuben ClearwatersWarr.10221
2-4-2261John SmithWarr.24228
2-4-2262John JohnsonWarr.12222
2-11-2263David DeWeeseGcastle.3399
2-13-2264Samuel TalbottGcastle.2294
2-15-2265Jacob ClarkJeff.19130
2-15-2266John SmithMar.5158
2-18-2267William B. EvinsWarr.13222
2-21-2268John Hendrich or George HendrichJeff.29135
2-23-2269Isaiah WrightMad.35155
2-23-2270John MillerGcastle.1993
2-28-2271John MercerWarr.11221
2-28-2272Arthur ConnellyWarr.14223
3-1-2273Alexander JohnsonClint.74
3-13-2274Elias SwiftWarr.1217
3-15-2275George BeckRuss.33214
3-16-2276Matthew ColeMad.34154
3-16-2277Samuel CatlinWarr.25228
4-1-2278Abner GoodwinClint.2578
4-6-2279William CraigJeff.30136
4-30-2280John HoltClint.52
5-10-2281Thomas R. JamesClov.3143
5-14-2282Martha & Robert CunninghamWash.3234
5-25-2283Jacob PercyWarr.23227
6-3-2284Jesse WrightMad.36155
6-27-2285John DoughertyClint.52
7-3-2286Andrew McGill WalkerClint.2613
7-3-2287Anne Innes WalkerClint.2713
7-6-2288Isaiah VermillionClint.3613
7-26-2289Thomas DeWeeseMad.2619
8-3-2290Joel ShinnWarr.9220
8-19-2291Thomas JacksonGcastle.1111
8-19-2292Thomas ChaddGcastle.1289
8-19-2293Hiram CatlinWarr.3217
8-24-2294George McIntoshWash.15254
9-22-2295William HurstWarr.1217
9-2-2296Joseph AlbinJeff.21131
9-17-2297John W. ClarkGcastle.2093
9-19-2298Elisha MullenixJeff.8124
9-21-2299John MakinFrank.1174
9-21-22100William Albin, Sr.Jeff.17129
9-21-22101William Albin, Jr.Jeff.21131
9-21-22102Jacob Custis, Sr.Mad.25149
9-23-22103Benjamin WrightMad.35150
9-24-22104Jonathan RogersMar.22166
10-7-22105John CrookJeff.7109
10-8-22106Leonard LitzGcastle.2294
10-15-22107John HardinWarr.4218
10-17-22108Mastin HunterGcastle.2121
10-17-22109Jonas PleakeClint.63
10-18-22110James AllenJeff.25136
10-18-22111Samuel WrightMad.25149
10-18-22112Thomas HeadyMon.29196
10-19-22113Arthur McNaryClov.3243
10-21-22114Frederick LeathermanMad.23148
10-24-22115Jacob PeakleRuss.25210
10-25-22116Thomas ThompsonRuss.31215
10-29-22117John HullettMon.34198
10-30-22118Jesse OatmanMad.35155
10-31-22119Robert HaddonClov.624
10-31-22120John HaddonJeff.18129
10-31-22121Andrew McMainsJeff.30136
11-5-22122George SutherlinRuss.26210
11-5-22123Henry Wilson & Henry AtkinsonWash.29261
11-8-22124William RobinsonWarr.4218
11-11-22125Reuban RaganMar.4158
11-12-22126Christian Landers/LandisRuss.14206
11-12-22127John FosherRuss.25210
11-12-22128John M. Coleman & Thomas H. ClarkWash.23258
11-14-22129Alexander GorhamFloyd3167
12-2-22130Ambrose BandyClov.724
12-2-22131Isaac EdwardsRuss.30212
12-2-22132Isaac St. Clair/SinclairWarr.14223
12-23-22133Thomas KinslerGcastle.1390
12-10-22134Samuel IngeWash.3248
*1-4-1823135Charles BarkshireWarr.1217
1-9-23136David HigginsFloyd2966
1-17-23137Reuben SmithMar.4158
1-15-23138Peter McIntoshWash.28260
1-28-23139Soloman TuckerGcastle.2294
2-23-23140Abel TylerGcastle.2093
3-6-23141Presley Green AtheyWash.36265
3-6-23142George GoodmanClov.3143
3-7-23143Eli TarbuttonGcastle.185
3-7-23144Robert McCainWarr.2217
3-7-23145Jacob ClearwatersWarr.9221
3-7-23146Isaac PeckWarr.13223
3-26-23147Bartlett Asher, Jr.Clov.1327
3-26-23148Edmund AsherClov.1428
3-28-23149John LockridgeClov.1327
1-28-23150Jacob PiersonMar.21165
1-28-23151John DennyMar.21165
1-31-23152Lewis PowellMon.15190
4-5-23153James TorrWash.10252
4-4-23154James WoodardGcastle.1792
4-11-23155Joseph OrrGcastle.1792
4-11-23156Isaac LeggGcastle.2194
4-17-23157Joseph ThornburgMad.10142
4-21-23158John AllenClint.63
4-21-23159John HubbardClint.84
4-23-23160John SwiftWarr.22226
4-25-23161William R. DennyMar.14162
5-5-23162Thomas MooreWarr.15223
5-12-23163John HenryRuss.28211
5-15-23164John ReedGcastle.3399
5-19-23165Robert CatlinGcastle.2796
5-21-23166Daniel ChaddGcastle.1491
5-27-23167Daniel SwankRuss.1201
5-31-23168Henry WilliamsMad.27150
6-6-23169Abrel BurlinghameGcastle.1792
6-9-23170William Mason & Wm. A. ReedWash.3248
6-12-23171John SwankFrank.572
6-13-23172Isaac RiceGcastle.3499
6-20-23173Jesse LathamMad.34154
6-24-23174Isaac Monnet (one t)Floyd3267
6-24-23175James MonnettMar.3157
7-9-23176John ButcherGcastle.888
7-12-23177John AndersonRuss.2201
7-25-23178James JohnsonWash.28260
8-1-23179Anthony KilgoreClov.724
8-5-23180Pleasant HartMad.12 143
8-6-23181William McKinleyGcastle.1491
8-7-23182Samuel HunterGcastle.2796
8-8-23183Jacob PeckWarr.11221
8-12-23184William F. KingFrank.472
8-15-23185Abraham HurstJeff.5123
8-25-23186James W. CrawfordClint.74
9-2-23187Reason V. GarrettRuss.21208
9-3-23188John TaberClov.3649
9-6-23189Robert Glidewall, Jr.Gcastle.1993
9-6-23190David HanselGcastle.2897
9-6-23191Daniel HainesWarr.17224
9-11-23192George HanselMad.15144
9-11-23193Alexander ConnellyWarr.9221
9-15-23194Philip FordMon.10188
9-29-23195Joseph DennyWarr,11221
9-30-23196Samuel McGinnessClov.3447
10-1-23197John MaseyClov.624
10-6-23198John WhiteRuss.7203
10-13-23199Verlinder MooreGcastle.2294
10-14-23200Gamaliel MaseyClov.724

**In case of duplication or disqualification, these are the next patentees.
10-17-23201Christian FallFrank.4172
10-22-23202Tobias GriderRuss.23208
10-23-23203Abraham WooleryMad.3163
10-27-23204Susannah WarfordMar.8203
10-28-23205Richard PughRuss.8203
206Richard PughClint.178